Tutorial: Fold-Over Clutch with Fabric Rosette Pin

If you're anything like me, you may have noticed that when you carry around a large bag you tend to put your entire life in it. I try to convince myself that at some point I will absolutely need one of those many items I have stuffed into the endless pit that has become one of my large purses...
But, lets face it, sometimes we really only want to carry those "necessities" with us. For me that includes my keys, wallet, phone, and a lip gloss, {and maybe another small item or two depending on the outing.}
A cute clutch gives me an excuse to ditch the extra baggage. 

Here's a tutorial to make your own:

Supplies needed for Clutch:
Exterior Fabric {2 pieces: 14" x 10.5"}
Interior Fabric {2 pieces: 14" x 10.5"}
Interfacing/Padding/etc. {2 pieces: 14"x 10.5"}
Coordinating Zipper {9"}
Coordinating Thread
Zipper Foot
Optional: 2 additional pieces of your exterior fabric each cut: 2.5" x 3"

I'm pretty obsessed with grey and mustard yellow right now, especially because I think they're great colors to use the whole year round. The fabrics I chose were: Heath Metal by Alexander Henry for the exterior and Miscellany Antique Flower for the interior. I chose a lovely mustard colored cotton fabric for the rosette pin that is featured in the second half of this tutorial. The Rosette adds a little extra touch of charm to the clutch! 

First, for the clutch: 
Once you have chosen your lovely fabrics and have cut your pieces, attach your interfacing or padding to your exterior pieces:

OPTIONAL: If you prefer to add a binding to your zipper edges the next few steps will help you install your binding. 
If not, simply skip ahead to the zipper installation. {My final clutch features no binding per my preference.}
For binding: use the left-over exterior fabric to cut two additional small pieces of fabric {2.5" x 3"} 
Fold the pieces in half and iron. 
Open up the pieces and quarter the fabric as seen below:

Sew the bottom portions to the end of your zippers:

Fold the binding over and sew the ends together to secure the binding:

The end result will look like this:

Next, you will install your zipper onto the shorter sides of the fabric: Attach your zipper foot to your machine and make a fabric sandwich: your exterior fabric and interior fabric will be right sides facing together with the zipper in the middle. The zipper's right side will be against the right side of the exterior fabric. 
Pin, sew, and repeat for the other side of the clutch. 

Next you will sew the body of the clutch together as well as the interior. 
IMPORTANT: Make sure you have opened the zipper at least halfway before pinning or sewing, otherwise you will not be able to pull the exterior of the bag through the opening to complete your project. 

Pin your exterior fabric right sides together and sew down all three sides:

Repeat for the interior of the bag, but leave about 5 inches unstitched at the bottom of the interior portion so  you can flip the clutch inside out. 

Once you have flipped your clutch inside out, topstitch the 5" opening at the bottom of the interior:

And VoilĂ ! You have a beautiful clutch! 

Next, you will learn how to make a beautiful Fabric Rosette Pin to attach to your brand new clutch, or even another existing project! 

Supplies needed for Fabric Rosette Pin:
Long fabric strip of your choice {I prefer the fabric strip to be about 3 inches wide}
Bar pin
Hot Glue & Gun
Small piece of felt

Once you have cut your fabric, fold the fabric continuously at the end of your piece:

It should look like this when you're done folding:

Begin to tightly roll your fabric into itself to form the center of the rosette: 

Once you have rolled your fabric as pictured above, dab your first bit of hot glue to begin securing your rosette. 

Once you have formed this center part, you can begin forming the rest of the rosette. The great thing about the formation is that not one rosette will look the same, and they all come out unique and equally pretty. I like to twist my fabric as I wrap it around the center to form the rosette. Don't be afraid of your raw edges, they add character to your creation.

Make sure to dot a bit of hot glue every few rolls you make.

The twisting gives this effect:

Once you are satisfied with the size of your rosette, tuck the excess fabric to the back of the rosette:

Don't worry about the back looking a little rough. Cover the raw edges of the back with a piece of felt and secure it with hot glue:

Next, hot glue a bar pin to the felt backing:

Pin onto your clutch and enjoy!

Have any questions about this tutorial?
Feel free to email me at ktwcraftiness {at} gmail {dot} com or comment below!

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  1. I seem to be obsessed by clutch bags at the moment. I love the colours of this one. I seem to be having a love affair with this warm mustard colour at the moment...

    Thanks for sharing.
    A new GFC follower


    1. Gosh, I love mustard yellow too. It's a great warm color that goes with everything! Thanks so much for stopping by, can't wait to check out your blog as well! :)

  2. you're amazing for taking step by step pictures. once i get my hands on a sewing machine this will be my first project... hahha i hope i can do it!

    1. I hope the pictures help Hannah! I bet yours will turn out awesome! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions when you start your clutch-Enjoy!

  3. Hi I awarded you the liebster award! You can read about it here... http://www.howikeepsane.com/2012/04/liebster-award.html
    Thanks for all your hard work! Keep blogging!
    xoxo Janean @howikeepsane.com
    i love your work!

    1. Thank so SO much Janean! Can't wait to pass this along! :)

  4. So, I made this yesterday and it turned out really well!! I am fairly new to sewing so I needed my mother-in-law's help understanding how the zipper works... but overall, it was super easy and SUPER cute!! Thanks for the instructions.

    1. Stephanie, I am so happy to hear this! I hope you enjoy your new clutch and your new sewing adventures! Thanks so much for feedback on the tutorial! :)

  5. Oh my! I love this! too cute!! Thanks so much for linking up to the Sunday Blog Hop. I am of course following you.

    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

  6. Is it possible to add a strap to this clutch? And how would I go about doing so.. I'm a beginner


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