Handmade Love: Mountain Mist

I may have just taken the best bath ever.

The Spring Craftsmen's Classic Art & Craft Festival is this weekend in Columbia, South Carolina. I love craft shows {not that this should come as any surprise...}
There is something so special about being surrounded by so much handmade goodness all at one time, in one space.
I love the booths with nostalgic items that have been around since I was little, as I grew up going to a million and one craft shows with my Mom and Nana. I also love the booths with unique items that I never knew I couldn't live without until I set my eyes upon them. And, I love the booths with a story and beautiful presentation.

Okay, so back to this wonderful soak...
Today I discovered Mountain Mist, out of Asheville, North Carolina.
{If you've never been to Asheville, then you're missing out... talk about beautiful.}
Their booth really caught my eye, with their lovely presentation and beautiful packaging.


Then, I got lost in the scents: clean, beautiful, feminine.
My favorites?: Amber Morning, Mango Sunset, Brown Sugar & Fig, and Passion.
{Even though I really love them all.}
The quality of their products sealed the deal.

How would I describe them? Soothing, gentle, and delicate; simply wonderful. I didn't even need a moisturizer on my very dry skin after soaking with one of their amazing bath bombs. This is the best my skin has ever felt after taking a bath, even with my skin's sensitivity. This is the quality I long for in skin care, that many companies and sellers fall short of.
Mountain Mist is the exception.

I guarantee you'll want to pretend you're Natalie Wood and burst out into your own rendition of "I Feel Pretty," once you've tried their amazing products. 

So if you're looking to treat yourself or someone else, I highly recommend checking out Mountain Mist and their wonderful line of products. It's a great way to incorporate handmade into your every day life. I am so glad I did, and my skin thanks me for it.

If you live in the Columbia, South Carolina area, tomorrow is the last day for the Craftsmen's Classic Art & Craft Festival, so head over and check out some wonderful booths and inspiring folks!

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