Tutorial: Earring Frame Holder

If you're like me, then you have a lot of fashion jewelry. I happen to LOVE earrings.
About a year and a half ago, I was cleaning out my jewelry box and was amazed to find pieces I hadn't worn in a while and some pieces I'd completely forgotten about. So, I decided to make my own earring holder.

For a while now, I've had a number of requests to make these or explain the crafting process.

So, here is a little tutorial for you. These holders are actually so easy to make {and are really inexpensive} that all you need are a few instructions and supplies!
Soon you'll be enjoying your earring display that will keep your treasures lovely, clean, unbroken, and organized!

-An 8x10 frame with a base approximately 1 inch thick: Choose new or vintage, spray paint or customize, whatever you like! I found a simple frame from Ikea that worked for my liking. It's important to have a base about an inch thick {it doesn't have to be exact as you can see below} if you want your holder to stand on its' own.
-E600 crafting glue or Hot Glue: If you're a fellow crafter, then you probably are hoarding tubes of E600, which is my glue of choice for just about every project. If you don't have some already, you can pick it up at your local craft store {Walmart even carries it in their crafting section.} If you prefer hot glue, that will work as well.
-1 sheet of perforated plastic: I picked mine up in Michaels near the knitting section. They have different sizes to choose from.

Let's Begin... 

Step 1: Remove glass and backing if you have purchased your frame in this condition. After you have customized your frame, with paint or other embellishments, or left yours plain like mine, simply set it right side down onto a flat crafting space. 

Step 2: You will use the perforated plastic to replace the space where the glass should go in the frame. If you have purchased a frame that contained glass, use it as a tracer on your perforated plastic. Use a pen to trace and cut the excess plastic so it will fit nicely inside. If you did not purchase a frame with glass simply measure the area where the area where the glass would fit and cut those dimensions from the perforated plastic. {Make sure you are measuring from the back and including the space that is unseen from the front of the frame.} Be sure it fits nicely in the cavity before you begin to glue.

Step 3: With your E600 glue {or hot glue if you prefer} line the inside edges on which you will place your perforated plastic with dots of glue about every inch. I started at the middle top, worked my way down the left side, and dotted the bottom about half way. Then I placed the plastic and secured on the left side. I repeated this for the right side and then secured the rest of the plastic. I let this sit for about about 5 minutes and then reinforced the backing by lining all inside edges with a line of glue over the plastic. Allow your holder to sit for several hours if you are using the E600 glue {I allowed mine to air out overnight.}
 {My frame had those little metal backing reinforcers. You can remove these if you wish. Mine couldn't be seen from the front of the frame so I decided to keep them.}

Step 4: After you have allowed the glue to dry on your frame begin placing your earrings. Place your holder where you wish and Enjoy! 

 Hope you have fun working on this little project! 
Don't hesitate to comment below with any questions.
And as always, I love to see how your projects come out too, so link below!

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