Craft Failures

Woah, woah, woah.
Hold on.
Where have I been?
Why have I not discovered Craft Fail until now?
This may just be the most genius website for crafters out there: folks submit personal crafting failures they have experienced.
Here are just a few of the gems that are featured on the website:

Admit it. You've failed at a craft too.
And not every craft can be fixed by taking a seam-ripper to it.
Some are just not meant to be.

One of my latest personal crafting fails came around this past Halloween, when I did pumpkin carving for the first time. Being fairly crafting savvy, if I do say so myself, I went into the carving with the utmost confidence...

Why yes, if you don't look very closely, this looks like a lovely pumpkin carved to pay homage to my favorite football team {the current super bowl champions} the NY Giants. But if you take a closer look through the lovely logo, you will notice toothpicks holding the back of the pumpkin together. You see, I had attempted to do this design on the other side of the pumpkin first, and what I ended up with was a huge gaping hole. But, I decided to try again, and came out a champion on the other side.

You can bookmark every website there is on tutorials, crafting inspiration, whatever it may be, but sometimes you just need a reminder that you're only human.

So when you've had a bad day, and feel like you're a complete crafting failure, head over to Craft Fail, where you'll once again remember that you're not alone. Everyone fails sometimes.

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