Home for the Holidays

The Tree in Rockefeller Center

A peak at my Church on Christmas Eve. My Dad does ALL of this decorating. 

I had a great time visiting my family for Christmas. 
I'm so in love with tradition.
Life gets so hectic sometimes, doesn't it?
It is comforting to know we can rely on the same traditions year after year. 

For me those Christmas traditions include: 
-Early mass on Christmas Eve
-An evening over at my Aunt's for Christmas Eve dinner to spend time with my Mom's side of the family
-Waking up early Christmas morning in my parents house to open presents and have breakfast with my them {which will continue until I'm married one day} 
-Then, heading to my Uncle's for Christmas Day festivities with my Dad's side of the family. 

And of course, while I was in New Jersey I had to make sure to fit in as much pizza and bagel consumption as possible. 

Of course, it was a little weird though leaving freezing weather to come back to a beautiful 70 degrees in South Carolina. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!


Tutorial: Mason Jar Pincushion

I've had a loving relationship with Mason Jars for quite a long time, but they really are super useful for a lot of things, including crafting/sewing storage. Here's an easy project that is perfect for storing sewing notions and holding your precious pins! This is a great gift idea for a new sewer as well: she'll be delighted that you took the time to create such a thoughtful gift. Fill her jar with some basic notions and tie a beautiful bow, and your gift will surely impress!

Here is what you will need for this project:
A Mason Jar (any size)
Hot glue + gun
Scrap Fabric
Card stock of your choice
Poly fill or other filling

Let's begin!

Using the interior lid of the mason jar, trace the circle onto card stock. I used a pretty note card that matched my fabric! Cut out your card stock circle.

Next, free style cut a piece of fabric a few inches wider in diameter than the interior lid.

Now, center your scrap fabric wrong side up over the lid, so the right side will push through when you begin to fill with your poly fill. 

 Once you are satisfied with the size of your pincushion, push the lid interior into the lid exterior and lock into place.

Now hot glue the excess fabric onto the interior lid. 

Finally, hot glue your card stock piece into the center of the lid.


VoilĂ : A beautiful Mason Jar Pincushion! This is such an affordable fun project and gift idea! 
Happy Crafting!

{I used Sarah Jane's Children At Play Dot to Dot Aqua for my fabric choice!}


Project: Infinity Scarves

I'm completely obsessed with scarves. {Seriously, I sort of have a problem.} I love all different kinds but most comfortable scarves I own are infinity scarves. They add life to any outfit, even if you're just wearing a t-shirt and jeans!
I thought these would make great Christmas gifts for some special ladies in my life. Here's how they turned out...

 The beautiful fabric for the scarf above is Boho Henna in Pink from Annette Tatum's Free Spirit Collection. This was a perfect choice for my sister-in-law's infinity scarf, so pretty and feminine.
I  L O V E  this fabric.

 I found the fabric for my Mom's infinity scarf at a local fabric store. I loved the contrast between the orange and light aqua. I bought her an aqua and orange earring & necklace set from a local boutique not too long ago and thought her earrings would pair perfectly with this scarf. I think she'll really enjoy this! 

I was so happy with how these turned out!
Look for an upcoming giveaway for one of these goodies as well! Stay tuned!


Tutorial: Crayon Monogram

What you will need:
Hot Glue Gun + Glue Refills
Knife (preferably with a wavy edge)
X-Acto Knife
Stamps (rubber, foam, whichever ones you prefer!)
Fabric or Acrylic Paint (color of your choice)
Shadowbox (size of your choice)
Card stock

Let's Begin...
Start out by picking a shadowbox for your monogram project, whether it be white, black, brown, etc. You can also use a regular frame, but the project will not be enclosed by glass in that instance. I prefer the 12x12 shadowboxes that already include a canvas backing. Once the letter is finished on the card stock, you can glue it right down on the canvas, and the stamping looks great. If you use a regular frame, then find thick paper of your choice for the completed letter to be glued onto, that will suit the project and can be laid inside the frame. 

You can now print out a letter base onto card stock. Start by choosing a font that you like and make sure when you make your letter in your word processor you choose "outline" for font effects. I usually use a font size anywhere from 900-1000 for a 12x12 project. Often times, you will have to use trial & error in order to find the right font size for the frame or shadowbox you have chosen, plus everyone's preference varies, so you may want your letter to fill up your entire shadowbox, while I like mine with some room to spare.

Once you have printed your letter onto card stock, and are satisfied with the size and font, cut out the letter and lay out your crayons in the order you would like to glue them down: whether it be random, in color order, etc., so you can visualize and make changes. As you can see from the two examples below of the letter "P" and the letter "A", there is no one way to cut your crayons or place them, (especially because you can choose different fonts) that's where you can really make this project your own!

Here are some tips for cutting:
I recommend using a knife with waves, as pictured above. This knife allows you to score the crayon all the way around, then you can simply break it with your hands and it will break clean. I like to use the X-Acto Knife to clean up edges, or to help create a slant, as pictured on the letter "P". 

Once you have glued all your crayons onto the card stock letter outline, you can position it onto your shadowbox (or onto your thick paper to put in a regular frame) and glue it down with more hot glue. You can customize it further by adding a stamp, or simply leave it unstamped! Feel like you need to make a "smidge" of an adjustment here or there? It's actually very simple to gently pull a piece off and reposition it in the way you would like, and re-glue. You can customize the stamping with different stamps and acrylic (or fabric paint) of your choosing. I think the stamping adds even more of a personal touch to this already thoughtful project!

 This is a great gift idea for teachers, principals, children, etc. 

You may ask, what do you do with all those extra crayons pieces you have now? 
Put those little gems into a plastic bag and save them for a tutorial coming up on making your own recycled crayons!

Happy Crafting! Enjoy!